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Do you need to display CCTV recording signs?

There are certain industries where the activities of personnel have to be recorded for legal and regulatory purposes. Or there are others where CCTV needs to be used for safety and security reasons. Any footage which is recorded should only be used for its intended purpose. During investigations or when there’s an incident, the footage can be reviewed by the relevant people such as the police or investigators.

If you are a business owner, it may be in your best interests to install CCTV to protect your property and it is an effective way to enhance security. However, if you implement a system in your workplace which involves the use of CCTV you must comply with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

Regulations are in place that state that surveillance systems should be used in the right way. A Code of Practice has been developed to protect the privacy of members of the public. This includes the requirement of businesses to display correct signage to notify all relevant individuals that they are being recorded for security and/or safety reasons.

The use of CCTV and security signs always have the potential to reduce theft or criminal activity on your property. If you are recording footage you must notify employees and members of the public, they are being recorded.


When you prominently display CCTV signs this is a clear deterrent for criminals. There are lots of benefits associated with good signage including:

If people don’t see the CCTV cameras, they will notice the signs. Signage is designed to get noticed so if your business is being targeted by criminals, signage that is prominently displayed acts as a preventative measure in that their image could be captured on CCTV and used against them in criminal proceedings.

Signage also demonstrates that a business is well protected. When a CCTV camera is in operation, it can capture important details that can be used as evidence. Using a CCTV system with signage is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to pursuing criminal activity and demonstrating that your business is well protected.

CCTV signs don’t just deter theft, it also prevents other crimes too such as criminal damage or vandalism.

What may appear to be a simple solution can be one of the most effective safeguards that you can have for your business. Signage doesn’t just ensure that you comply with legal requirements, it also acts as a strong deterrent too.