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Do Red Signs Indicate the Presence of Fire Equipment

Do Red Signs Indicate the Presence of Fire Equipment

Fire safety signs and equipment are a crucial part of safety in any commercial property because they can save lives, but there is often confusion about what signs mean. Do red signs indicate the presence of fire equipment, and what other colours might fire-related signage be? 

Accidents and emergencies can happen at any point, and being prepared for the worst case scenario is always a must. However, in order to do that, you need to know what different colours mean on signs, and what to look out for. 

At Lasting Impressions, our range of products includes EC-directive fire exit signs and fire safety signs to ensure that your property has all the signage it needs. To find out the importance of fire safety signs and their colours, keep reading.  

The Importance of Fire Safety Signs

All safety-related signs play a pivotal part of effective workplace safety and management. However, fire signs are among the most important due to their urgent nature. Not only should your safety signs last several years, depending on the type, but they need to convey the right message and be in a suitable location to be seen.  

Every commercial property needs to have all the right signage on the premises to ensure the safety of anyone who is on the property. Safety checks should also be carried out to make sure that the signs are visible, and any equipment is within date and functional. 

In order for a fire safety sign to be effective, it needs to stand out, be visible, and be quick to comprehend. 

Location of Fire Safety Signs

Depending on the location, different fire safety signs should be displayed in different places. For example, fire exit signs are suitable for hanging from ceilings, placed above exit doors, or put on walls. For fire sighting equipment, the appropriate signage should be displayed above or beside the equipment so that people can easily see it. 

In the case of displaying signs for fire extinguishers, it needs to be several inches above the equipment so that it is not obscured. This is especially important when several different extinguishers are near each other and signage is required for people to know which piece of equipment would be suitable for a particular fire. 

Do Red Signs Indicate the Presence of Fire Equipment?

Do Red Signs Indicate the Presence of Fire Equipment

So, do red signs indicate the presence of fire equipment? Sometimes. While red signs can be used to let people know that fire equipment is nearby, this colour is also used for danger and prohibition signs. 

Because of this, you should not assume that any red sign you see relates to fire equipment. Rather, you should have a closer look at the sign to see what exactly it is talking about. This is especially true in different contexts, as red is also used on many different road signs, such as the “stop” and “no entry” signs. 

Take a moment to familiarise yourself with the different red signs if you worry about misunderstanding a sign you come across. This will make you more confident in understanding the signage you may find, and you will know exactly what to look out for in the case of a fire emergency. 

What Colour Are Fire Equipment Signs in the UK?

Employers and employees have a responsibility to ensure that their workplace is safe. Part of an employer’s job in this sense is to ensure that the property or workplace has the correct signage, fire assembly points, and that all signage is in a suitable location. Workplaces also need to have the appropriate safety signs, such as multi-hazard construction signs, and carry out inspections on fire fighting equipment.  

According to The Health and Safety (Safety Signs and Signals) Regulations 1996, all fire fighting equipment must be red, as well as any signs linked to them. While just ensuring that the fire fighting equipment itself is red is deemed suitable, having the appropriate signage is also recommended.

As a general rule, the colour red is used to signify danger, including fire-related signs and equipment. This colour is also used for signs that prohibit various things, such as smoking, for evacuation signs, and of course, stop signs. Any red sign is something that you need to pay attention to, as they are very important and can help to keep you safe.  

Colours of Other Types of Signage in the UK

A variety of colours are used in signs across the UK, and they all have different meanings. For example, red signs can relate to prohibition as well as fire, and blue outline mandatory rules. Let’s have a quick look at the colours of other types of signage in the UK:

  • Red – either fire fighting signs or danger/prohibition signs. These signs are typically at least 35% red, and may include a red line, red edging, and/or a white background with a black pictogram
  • Yellow – these are warning signs that encourage viewers to be cautious. These signs are typically at least 50% yellow and include a black pictogram and a triangle on a white background, often with black edging and an exclamation point
  • Green – either used to depict First Aid or an emergency escape. These signs will be displayed along escape routes and equipment, and are typically rectangular, with at least 50% of the sign covered in green. They usually have a green background with a white pictogram. 
  • Blue – these are signs that showcase a mandatory rule that viewers must follow – for example, washing hands or wearing a hard hat. These signs are at least 50% blue and typically include a round blue shape and a blue background with a white pictogram that shows the mandatory rule, along with the appropriate writing.

What Signage is the Most Important?

Do Red Signs Indicate the Presence of Fire Equipment

Generally speaking, any signage relating to health and safety is the most important in any workplace, commercial space, or public space. These signs must be displayed in locations that can easily be seen, or else they will be of little help to anybody.

Some of the most important signs include the following:

  • Signs to raise awareness (e.g. reminding employees of hazards that are common in their environment) 
  • Signs for hazards (e.g. fire hazards, gas hazards, falling hazards, etc)
  • Signs to indicate where safety equipment can be found (e.g. the location of first aid kits or fire extinguishers)
  • Signs to ensure that health and safety regulations are followed (e.g. washing your hands, wearing particular garments etc)
  • Signs that outline safe actions or behaviour (e.g. when to wear PPE)

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