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Choosing a Fire Assembly Point in Your Business

As part of your fire safety procedure, identifying an assembly point is a proven way of directing individuals away from the heart of an emergency. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to take reasonable actions to protect individuals in the event of a fire. This includes implementing a plan for emergencies, maintaining appropriate fire safety measures and providing relevant information to all indoors. So, as part of this, how do you go about choosing the right fire assembly point for your business?

Is a Fire Assembly Point a Legal Requirement?

As part of the UK fire safety laws, you are required to create an emergency plan that sets out how individuals will leave the building safely. It must also include a safe area where individuals can assemble and where a fire marshall can carry out checks to ensure that everyone is there. As part of the Regulatory Reform Order 2005, these emergency routes must lead to a place of safety as directly as possible. And, the BS999 standard notes that these assembly points need to be far enough away from the building to prevent any interference with the first or the rescue services.

How to Choose a Fire Assembly Point

For new businesses or when moving into new premises, it is important to carry out a detailed risk assessment. Not only will this identify any areas of concern that need to be dealt with, but it will also help you to establish the best route of escape.

From here, you will need to consider the following factors when choosing a fire assembly point:

  • The assembly point should be well-known and clearly marked.
  • Any signs used to direct people from the building must provide information about the assembly point location.
  • Consider multiple assembly points for larger buildings.
  • Ensure the location is far away from the building but not too far to walk.
  • Make sure the individuals using the assembly point can do so safely and without risk from emergency vehicles or other road traffic.
  • Assembly points should, ideally, not have to be accessed by walking across a road or trafficked area.
  • Avoid areas with additional hazards.
  • Ensure the area has good lighting.

Choosing the Right Signs

Once you have chosen the right assembly point, appropriate signage ensures these locations remain highly visible and easy to locate. To identify a single spot, opt for a Fire Assembly Point With Tick Sign. For larger businesses with multiple assembly points, opt for designs with either ordered numbers or with letters – depending on your corporate choice. Or, personalised designs such as the ‘You Nearest Fire Assembly Point Is With Blank Sign’ can be customised and changed as needed.

At Lasting Impressions, we have a wide range of fire assembly point signs. With several sizes and the option of either self-adhesive vinyl or 1mm rigid plastic to fit your needs, we’re here to improve safety in your workplace. If you have any questions or would like to speak to one of us, please do get in contact here today.