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A Guide To Safe Condition Signs

Here in the UK, safety signs form a key role in the management of risk and hazards in the workplace. Understanding the different types and when they should be used is vital. Safe Condition signs are just one such type, but one that is used by a vast array of different industries. And, therefore, you must understand what they are and where they may be beneficial around the workplace. That’s what we’ll delve into in this guide here today.

What Are Safe Condition Signs?

Safe condition signs display the actions that can be taken to keep the reader and surrounding people safe during a certain situation. They can normally be followed to find safety – whether that be in the form of an escape route or an item of safety equipment. A number of these signs form part of your fire safety actions at work, providing clear directions to individuals in the event of a fire or alternative emergency. They are specifically designed to be bright, bold and easy to read from a distance – used during times of panic to help calm a situation and identify a solution at hand.

Here at Lasting Impressions, we have a wide range of safe condition signs that conform to EN ISO 7010:2012 and fit in with your business requirements easily.

How To Spot A Safe Condition Sign?

As we mentioned above, safe condition signs are designed to be highly visible. They are always green with a white pictogram that follows ISO 7010 standards. Many also feature a white border around the outside to help highlight their presence to onlookers. This colour combination has been chosen for its high contrast – ensuring that the desired message is conveyed to the reader.

Safe condition signs are largely used for fire safety. However, there are a multitude of designs available outside of these. On our website, we have a wide range of styles to choose from. Let’s take a look at some of these now:

Safe Water Condition Signs

In certain environments, such as hotels and the hospitality industry, guests must identify where fresh, safe drinking water is located. Our Drinking Water Signs perform this role easily, while Mains Water Tap signs act as identification for engineers or repair professionals. You can also find Emergency Eye Wash signs that indicate the water is safe and clean enough for first aid use as well as Emergency Stop signs for more pressing situations.

Emergency Contact Condition Signs

In the event of an emergency where other professionals are needed, the Emergency Telephone Sign highlights devices that are directly linked to the services. If you have a more direct contact route, we also have Emergency Call Point Signs that can be situated next to panic buttons or direct response buttons.

Gas Safety Condition Signs

Being able to quickly turn off a gas supply can prevent an explosion or fire. The Main Switch Sign or Gas Shut Off Control Valve sign can both be used for this purpose, directing people to the right switch to reduce the risk of more service accidents.

In Case Of Emergency Condition Signs

Some fire alarms or fire safety equipment is kept locked away behind glass cabinets to prevent it from being inappropriately used outside of an emergency. Signs such as the In Case Of Fire Break Glass For Key sign or In Case Of Fire Break Glass Bolt To Open signs provide this vital information to anyone walking past in an easy to digest format.

Door Safe Condition Signs

Following UK law, commercial properties must have fire doors installed wherever they are deemed to protect in the event of a fire. For example, if you have a storeroom with flammable or hazardous goods, there will need to be a fire door. If you have multiple storeys within a property, you will need fire doors to barricade the stairwells. Fire doors are vital and there are numerous different types on the market to meet individual needs.

Door safe condition signs guide as to how to open a particular door in the event of a fire. For example, the Push Bar To Open Sign or Push Pad To Open Sign gives clear direction during times of panic or worry. You will also find options such as our This Door Is For Emergency Use Only Sign or the This Way Out Square Signs.

All of the signs listed above should be used in line with your other safety measures and as a means to reduce risk or hazards in the workplace.

Finding The Right Safe Condition Signs For Your Workplace

So, how do you know which safe condition signs your workplace needs? Before installing any signs or safety measures in the workplace, you must undertake a detailed risk assessment. This will identify all hazards and potential areas for injury around the workplace and help you decide on how to minimise the possibility of these happening. Where possible, you should always try to fully eliminate the hazard. However, when this would adversely impact your business or productivity, you must find means to significantly reduce it – which can be done through safety signs.

Once your risk assessment has been completed, it will flag up areas where these helpful signs can come in handy. And, from here, you will be able to determine which safe condition signs work best in your business. Always remember:

  • Never overcrowd your signs as this can create a confusing message
  • Aim to work with other trained professionals during the design and install of your signs to help identify any issues
  • Opt for safe condition signs that are manufactured in the right material for your location
  • Make sure you take into account viewing distance during installation to ensure the message can be read

How Can Lasting Impressions Help?

As leaders in the design and manufacture of quality safety signs for your business, Lasting Impressions is here to make sure you actively reduce the risk of accidents in the workplace. We have a highly skilled and experienced team on hand to provide guidance and advice, with the backing of over 250,000 signs in stock and 48 hour delivery times on many of our products. If you would like to speak to one of us today or have any questions, please do get in contact with us here.