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10 Things You Need to Know About WRAP Recycling Signs

10 Things You Need to Know About WRAP Recycling Signs

Across the UK, 12m tonnes of waste materials are recycled annually. This is an important statistic to consider as landfill problems are apparent across the world. With the act of recycling saving between 30% and 80% of carbon emissions in manufacturing, companies must promote the correct processes when it comes to disposing of waste. 

WRAP recycling signs are the official method of giving direction as to how waste should be properly thrown away. Just like how important fire safety and multi-hazard signs are, WRAP signs ensure that anyone can benefit from a shared understanding of a process. 

If you think it’s just a matter of place a simple sign up that doesn’t have much thought behind it you are wrong as there are some key pieces of information site users should know about WRAP recycling signs. In this article, we will share the top 10 things that everyone should know about these recycling indicators. 

What Are WRAP Recycling Signs?

WRAP is an acronym which stands for waste and resource action programme. This is actually a registered UK charity that has had a huge impact on the country’s environmental change. The charity works with businesses, communities and governments to help deliver practical resources that improve the overall efficiency of recycling. 

They state their mission is to ‘accelerate the move to a sustainable, resource-efficient economy by are-inventing how we design, produce and sell products,  how we use and consume products, and what is possible through reuse and recycling’.

The signage produced is intended to create a shared understanding of the best practices involved in achieving these changes. Furthermore, by highlighting the need to think strategically about waste disposal, the intention is that companies throw away less and reuse products more in-house.

What Are 10 Things You Should Know About WRAP Recycling Signs?

10 Things You Need to Know About WRAP Recycling Signs

Now that you know what WRAP stands for, below we have shared 10 things you know about the scheme. All of these help to underpin an employee’s responsibilities for creating a safe and efficient workplace as well as offering wider environmental benefits. 

There are different types of WRAP signage available. 

Although the type of indicator that we specialise in are signs, WRAP logos are also available in different forms. This is essential for improving overall understanding. Some other forms consist of digital resources, product packaging, posters and stickers to go on bins. 

WRAP signs include standard icons and colours to help people make correlations with intended actions. 

Just like other types of safety signs, using consistent colours and icons is an effective way of reinforcing messaging. General recycling is always green, and paper recycling is blue and yellow, which indicates plastics can be recycled. Additionally, brown refers to organic waste, and black or grey is general waste that cannot be recycled. 

You will notice that it’s not just labels that include these indicators but also items like household or medical bins.

WRAP signs are proven to improve recycling rates.

53% of consumers say they look for recycling information before disposing of a product. Furthermore, the visually striking appearance of the signs means that even those who had not considered how best to dispose of something are immediately greeted with clear instructions. 

WRAP signs direct actions through simple layouts which can be universally understood. 

Designed to help key organisations share clear messaging about how to recycle, a mix of images and wording is used to ensure there are limited barriers to understanding. Furthermore, as the signs are also used in label form on products, most people already know what action is associated with them.

The main reason for WRAP signs isn’t just to improve recycling rates but also safety. 

Contamination is another contributing factor to the effects on our environment. Therefore, WRAP designed signage with proper sorting in mind. This also means that resources can be better used for re-making new items improving overall efficiency. 

WRAP labels can be used in any location. 

Another goal of the WRAP charity was to ensure that these signs could either be used standalone or in conjunction with other programs. The idea is that companies also consider the wider ways in which they can make green changes, which improves their overall impactions.

WRAP signs are included in a variety of compliance measures meaning some industries and settings have a legal requirement to display them correctly. 

An example of this includes the UK packaging wage regulations, which state how the symbols must legally be used. Many companies will also find that there are regulations relating to compliance measures in their own sector that must be met. Some of the most common industries affected included construction, manufacturing, and food production.

The purpose of WRAP signs isn’t just to inform but also to educate. 

WRAP was first launched in the UK but is now recognised in more than 50 countries. This is important as the charity’s goal has always been to tackle the causes of the climate crisis which is a global issue. 

WRAP offers both standard templates and editable designs. 

The intention of this is to encourage organisations to use the standard designs but also create their own signage which is unique to their environment. By encouraging people to consider impacts, there is a high chance of meaningful change occurring. 

WRAP recycling signs are constantly being reviewed for effectiveness. 

Whilst elements like the colours and icons will remain the same for consistency, the organisation regularly explores options for new signs. This is important for ensuring that new materials or production methods are being supported by clear recycling processes. 

Where To Buy WRAP Recycling Signs From?

WRAP recycling signs can be purchased from our website and a range of other online and in-person stores. However, you should ensure that you only select signs from reputable producers to ensure that the information being displayed is correct. If signs are used that don’t fit the intended information, the overall mission of WRAP will be greatly affected. 

Why Choose Lasting Impressions Online For WRAP Recycling Signs?

10 Things You Need to Know About WRAP Recycling Signs

We take the responsibility of producing WRAP signage very seriously which is represented with the following:

Broad Collection Of Quality Signs

Similar to how long safety signs should last, WRAP products should also be a firm fixture in spaces for many years. 

Our range not only includes a large selection of signs but each is made to last. By using quality materials, we guarantee that your recycling signage will remain impactful. This level of attention to detail is also shared across the main types of safety signs that we sell.

Legally Compliant

All of our signs are also official WRAP-produced designs, meaning companies can be properly compliant within their industry. 

This same detail is also applied to our other available signs as we know it can be confusing making decisions such as knowing which fire safety signs are required. To eliminate the guesswork, we only stock officially recognised artwork across all of our ranges. 

Rapid Delivery

We offer quick fulfillments and a selection of affordable shipping costs to ensure there are no barriers in the way of managing recycling responsibilities properly. This is also supported by a fair returns policy.

Get All Signs From One Place

At Lasting Impressions Online, we don’t just offer WRAP recycling signs but also a wide collection of additional products. This means you can gather all required designs without having to spend ages sourcing from different providers. Whether you are choosing signs for fire assembly points, fire extinguisher information cards or fire exit signs, we offer it all.

We also regularly share news to make site safety easier for anyone. This can include anything from how to properly install fire equipment signage to sharing WRAP updates. 

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