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AED Emergency Defibrillator Projecting Sign

  • AED Emergency Defibrillator Projecting Sign
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Provide visual guidance to customers, employees and the general public with this AED emergency defibrillator projecting sign. With this sign, you can direct people towards potentially life-saving medical equipment, reducing the amount of time spent searching for an AED emergency defibrillator. We have one size available for this sign.

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AED emergency defibrillators are put in place to administer an electrical shock, to allow the heart to start beating again, the way it should. AED stands for an automated external defibrillator and is a crucial piece of medical equipment to have on your property.

This sign could help direct customers, employees and the general public towards a piece of equipment that can help when someone has a cardiac arrest. Thanks to the innovative design, this sophisticated AED emergency defibrillator projecting sign can be viewed from various angles.

The traditional and easy to recognise emergency defibrillator projecting sign follows the classic first-aid colour palette, which is green and white. The text is written in white on a green background, with the AED emergency defibrillator written below the defibrillator symbol.

We have one size available for this projecting sign. All the signs in our collection comply with up-to-date current legislation, including EN IS0 7010:2012, and feature rounded corners that add to the sign’s overall appearance and safety. If you cannot find the sign you need on the Lasting Impressions site, you can contact a member of our sales team today, and we will help you find the sign that meets your requirements.

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